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My name is Kathy, and I am just crazy about photographing people in love. But I really get excited on the day they get married. Why?

Because I am the one who freezes their moments in time. Those that only happen once, ever. I turn those moments into memories to re-live that day for years to come by them, their families and their kids. All unrehearsed, spontaneous, and real. I am their wedding photographer the quiet observer, who captures both those faces and moments you remember and those you would have otherwise missed. It is awesome when you do what you love to do. Really!

My passion for photography began the first time I picked up a camera. The subjects and art of my photography are like life: varied, three dimensional, multi-faceted and a continual growing experience, capturing the intimacy of life, and the range of detail and emotion. I always look for details so often missed, spending time in an area or with a subject to capture essence, intrigue and a variety of view points. The actual subject matter of the photos may vary but my approach for capturing essence remains constant. To be part of your Wedding Day, capturing all the individual moments, the relationships, the emotion and the celebration is my pleasure beyond words. For your Wedding I am blending relaxed portraiture, photojournalism, and romance to present you with a complete photographic diary of this wonderful event. A visit to my blog will have you up to date on recent happenings, with weddings and some of my personal projects.

On a more personal level it is with deep gratitude
that I have been able to get close to a cause,
create images, capture meaning and give back.

I am an active volunteer with Now I Lay Me Down to Sleep.

And have joined the National Organization of Charitable Photographers.

I have also had opportunity to donate my photography
and services to organizations such as:


American Red Cross

Make a Wish

Morris Museum

and various school PTAs